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🆕 [NEW PLUGIN] Percent Color - Generate dynamic colors with an input value

iFrame Color Percent

Hi there!
We just release this new plugin to the Bubble marketplace :santa: !

This plugin generate a color from a pre-defined gradient and a percent of a number. For instance 1 will return light green and 100 will return dark red. This is very useful to show a percent in a visual way.

:arrow_right: Generate colors from a gradient and a per cent of a number
:arrow_right: Work with dynamic percent numbers and colors
:arrow_right: Work with both RGB and HEX colors - with automatic detection

A great example of a real use case would be to display offers with prices, and change the color according to the price. Or display a grade out of 10 visually.

:heavy_dollar_sign:The plugin is available for $3/month or $11 for a lifetime license.

:blue_book: We offer full documentation with the plugin and forum support.


:link: Plugin page:–iframe-dete…
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:link: Demo app: https://plugin-demo-iframe.bubbleapps…
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:link: Documentation:…

:gift: WIN IT

The first 2 people to suggest an improvement track will have a free lifetime license!

This plugin is made by the French platform Ottho



We just released a new version:

You can now set up to 2 intermediates colors.

We also updated the documentation regarding this new feature :upside_down_face:

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I have a suggestion: You should add make the same concept for more options. For example buttons when I got it and looked at it there was pretty good options. But I think having more would be a big advantage. So maybe start off with buttons and slowly add more things that would be cool, useful, ect.


The plugin is now on sale for a week :santa: