New plugin release: Feedback-Tool_by_Ritz7

Hello Builders,

We are a bubble agency and we wanted all our clients to be able to send us the feedback to our Project management application. Hence, we build this plugin.

This plugin allows your app users to give feedback from within the application, without having to use another tools to record screens or take a screenshot.

Feedback-Tool_by_Ritz7 (ScreenShot + Screen Recorder):
->Take Screenshots and add description.
→ Record your screen with mic enabled.

The users will be able to take screenshots and add comments to it, or record the screen while explaining their feedback.

Simple steps:

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Add the elements in Design tab (Screen Recorder and/or Screenshot)
  3. Access the methods in the Workflow
    → Screeshot->Take
    → Screen Record-> Start Recording
    → Screen Recording-> Stop Recording

A detailed video will be added soon in the comments section.

Feel free to contact us for any feedback on this tool.

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