New Plugin: Ripple Effect

Make your buttons or page parts come alive with ripples,



Cool, is this a precursor to a material plugin? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No it’s a library specifically for the task. Looks pretty cool when you set the page as the element to target!

I’m not getting the same results as you:

I was using Chrome on this page:

Make sure your chrome is up to date and if it is clear your browser, ive tested it on windows firefox, edge and chrome. Android firefox, default samsung browser and chrome, ipad safari, chrome, firefox before release without issue. What is your OS?


As we speak I’m testing it on Safari (using OSX) and I have the same results.

Chrome @ OSX is working fine
Chrome @ Android is working just fine.
Edge @ win10 is also working fine.
FF @ win10 is also working fine.

So probably a cache issue then.

Heads up: In Safari on OSX, the Ripple effect looks like a growing “square/rectangle” and not a “diamond” like the OP.

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Actually for me in Safari its circular…

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Would be great if you could clear your browser for me and let me know. Always the way, the one machine i dont physically have to test on. Just out of curiosity, have you guys been bubbling for hours before trying this in the same browser?

I cleared all browser cache except for cookies as that is too much hassle…

Im seeing the issues on the machines that I have the editor in open…

Ok thanks, i will have a look.

Here are some setup instructions for anyone that might need them:

Head to settings, then general, you will see this checkbox to expose the id fields:

Then on your button you will now have this property right at the bottom of the properties window:


Place a unique id in there, then provide that to the plugin. So myID1 would be:


And 2 buttons would be:




If you would like all buttons to have the same colour then you can simply:


Nice, works nicely in Chrome for me and looks great!

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Ripple doesn’t work anymore, anyone?

Its working fine for me, make sure the ripple element is placed on in the group or on the page directly in witch your trying to use it.

Sorry for long delay. Ripple Effect just stop to work on my reusable footer.
Any idea? using 0.0.5 version. I tried on page directly, it work well. (SOLVED) :slight_smile:

Bug Found :wink: . Probably due to Bubble speed limitation.

It correct the situation with Ripple Effect Retrigger action. SOLVED.