New Plugin: Save to home screen

We are delighted to announce that we have just released NC Add to Home Screen, a nice plugin that allows the users to save your application to their devices home screens. Really easy to use!!!

You can see a demo here:

I hope you like it.

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are you kidding? A popup tutorial ??

I don’t understand what this does. When I view the page I don’t see anything that I’m able to do or buttons to push.

I remember seeing this one when it was first posted. I believe it’s just this message, and it costs $20.


Hi all.

Sorry for the confusion or the lack of explanation about the plugin. I will update the demo page with more detailed information.

The plugin is not just a popup, what it does is that on mobile devices (tables, phones) it allows the user to add the site as an icon in the home screen of the device. Pretty much what you can do on an iOS device when using this functionality:

If you have a look at the development demo page on this link: Demo Add To Home Screen | Bubble Editor you will have a better view of the properties in the element:

I hope this clarifies a little bit more the plugin functionality. If you still have any problem understanding the plugin or while using it, I would suggest you to visit our support site on