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[New Plugin] Simple Charts

FYI @Kent – I just pushed a fix in v2.43.4 that should enable fully responsive Boxplot charts. Let me know if you notice otherwise!

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@alex4 from my limited testing so far, it seems that the latest plugin version has resolved my boxplot aspect ratio issue. Thanks for all these prompt enhancements and your top notch customer service!

Great to hear it worked out! Let me know if you notice anything else @Kent

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Hi @christo1 do you know any chart plugin in Bubble that allows dragging datapoints or a floting handle and get the user selected values?
I am new to Bubble and I previously used Highcharts and customise the draggable annotation to achieve this.
Would be much appreciated if you can tell me one.

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I am using SimpleCharts, but it cannot yet do it. Maybe if there is more interest it might become a feature.

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Hey @roy.teng thanks for the input. I currently have it on my backlog to research what kind of effort it would take to add this feature that provides the ability to drag /move data points to the plugin! I’ll let you know if I start working on this. By the way, the plugin support/update posts have moved to this thread: [Plugin Update: 2021] TechBlocks Charts and Graphs (Chart.js)

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions!


Hi Alex,

Thank you for replying.

I have an example of the “draggable element” here. This feature is what I am after: I can move the element, and the move Event can tell me the pixel distance it has moved, and then I can calculate the exact point coordinates and their corresponding value.

This is built using Highcharts. I have to extend and override some of the existing functions, but at least I can make it work.

@christo1 You can check out my chart here. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.


@roy.teng very interesting. I’ll reach out when I get bandwidth to look further into it.

Have a great weekend!

Hi there @alex4 ,

Is there a setting somewhere that allows me to add some white space between the bars as shown so they are not all standing right next to each other? I can’t seem to find any setting that controls that?

Hey @underhill.dan – steering you to the updated forum thread on the Chart.js plugin here:

I’ll respond to you there so others can see it as well!


Hi Alex.
Excellent plugin, I hope you can help me. I am trying to modify the data shown in the chart but through buttons.

The way I see it, I would like to see buttons by date range above the graph.

For example, I would like to see only 4 years of the graph (which I still cannot do, I hope you can help me with that as well) and that the user when pressing a button that says historical, he presses it and the graph will show the historical data

I’m not really sure if I can explain well I attached a screenshot from another site where this exists.

I apologize for my English, it is not my native language
Screenshot 2021-06-07 040403

Hey @mcarreth – steering you to the updated forum thread on the Charts and Graphs plugin here:

I’ll be responding there so others can see it as well!

Hi @alex4 !

Realy need your help here!

I am trying to create a very simple chart with two series (“Sstacked bar”) showing the sells from two users across the time. In my database I have 3 columns (date, user, amount), like this:

*Date is in dd/mm/yyyy

01/01/2021 | Sara | 10
01/01/2021 | John | 10
02/01/2021 | Sara | 10
05/01/2021 | John | 10

How can I create something like this:


It seems to be impossible to create John’s series correctly

10, 0, 10

Can you create something this simple and share the editor with me? :sweat_smile:

Thanks so much.

Hey @rpetribu thanks for reaching out and explaining your issue. I’ll take a look and respond by tomorrow via this new support thread: [Plugin Update: 2021] TechBlocks Charts and Graphs (Chart.js)

In the meantime, could you DM me a link to your app’s editor and run-mode link?


Hi @alex4 Alex , could Hovered Item X Index be enabled for Scatter charts? Trying to create a custom tooltip and the underlying data structure has more information than just X and Y values

Thank you

Hi @george.ntinolazos – thanks for reaching out! I can add this to my backlog and keep you posted if I prioritize this feature. Let me know if you have any other questions.