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[New Plugin] Square Subscriptions - By Interwebb

Hi All,

We’re very excited to announce our latest plugin, Square Subscriptions!

The Square Subscriptions plugin enables you to easily generate recurring revenue with automatic regular payments handled by Square.

When a customer is subscribed to a Subscription Plan, they will receive an email notification with instructions on how to start paying. You have the options to set up free trials, choose the start date, override the pre-defined pricing and can choose from many payment frequencies such as monthly, quarterly and annually.

You do not need to use any front-end payment processing within your app and can easily search, update and cancel subscriptions when required.

  • NOTE - Please use our FREE Square Customers plugin to create and manage customers in Square. Square Customer Ids will be needed to assign a customer to a Square Subscription Plan.

  • (NEW) - We have also released a new action for the Square Checkout plugin so you can get your customers to start paying for their subscription upfront using the Square-hosted Checkout and easily apply customised pricing.

Additional Information

Demo - Try the plugin!

Plugin Page - Install on your app.

Documentation - Detailed set up instructions.

Support & Feedback

Please comment below if you have any questions, feedback, feature request or need support.