[New Plugin] Stablediffusion - API

Hello, fellow Bubble.io creators!

I’m excited to share my latest plugin - the Stable Diffusion API. This tool infuses your Bubble apps with AI-powered image processing, unlocking a whole new realm of visual creativity. Here’s a snapshot of what it offers:

Text to Image (Text2Img): Imagine turning your thoughts into images! Simply input your text prompt and watch it transform into a picture.

Image to Image (Img2Img): Makeover any image based on a text prompt. It’s like Photoshop with words!

Inpainting: Ever wished to tweak parts of an image? With Inpainting, you can do that smoothly, creating content that blends perfectly with the surroundings.

Super Resolution: Who doesn’t love sharp, high-resolution images? Now you can upgrade any image, enhancing its clarity and detail.

I designed this plugin with the belief that it could change how we interact with visuals in our Bubble apps. Give it a try, and let’s explore its potential together!

Visit the plugin page for more details and guides. Can’t wait to hear your feedback and success stories!

Happy creating

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