{new plugin} Stay Awake / Keep Screen on

currently pending approval!

It’s real simple. Sometimes you dont want your app screens to shut off/dim while the user is using the app.

there are 2 versions for now. you can use a default button or assign a bubble button.

I am working on making this available via workflow action but for now this is not possible.

per yesterdays post on Wake lock. hopefully this will add to everyones arsenal!

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Awesome! Does this work in safari, mobile on the iPhone?

@alejandrowunderlich as far as i can tell it works on chrome and safari on iOS

there may be issues when switching tabs but i am trying to work that out too.

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Brilliant! Just what I needed. Thanks for building this! A great addition!

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Nice one @jared.gibb !

Alrighty, all you crazy bubblers out there. this is now a live plugin!!!

Check it out!


live preview here

(it’s not that exciting…till you notice your screen stays on forever!)

get this plugin


I’ll be your first customer!

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Hi @jared.gibb Jared,

Can you remove it (screen off) after an amount of minutes with an action? (idea)

What is the impact on cpu usage? Every 30 seconds or less? Very low I will assumed.

Glad to see it’ll be put to use, @alejandrowunderlich. Let me know how you get along with it!

Thank you @robhblake

Thanks for the inquiries, @JohnMark

Not right now. I can play with making it an action but the library is picky about the vet being fired while wrapped in a click listener. That said, I think I can mimic the click event. Keep checking back. I’ll post more next week on this topic!

I’m not sure on the actual system impact. I guess it’s more of a courtesy to let someone know you’ll be implementing a screen lock is all. What anyone does when they use this plugin in that regard though, is out of my hands. I did my due diligence :joy:

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Well, this is awkward…I was working on the same thing and was just about to release my “Stay Awake” plugin…

Hey :wave: @shawnmi6

Is it also based on nosleepjs?

Yes it is, but I went a element-less route. The awake function is Enabled and Disabled by a workflow instead of a element.

No need for HTML ID. You can simply trigger(Enable of Disable) it by using any workflow (timer, click, conditional)


That’s my next step! Nice work! :muscle:

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and I just pushed it out!

you can now toggle your screen lock with a workflow action!

demo for the toggle

editor for toggling without a button

Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 5.25.14 PM

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Great plugin. Working fine. Thanks. :partying_face:

You done the update in less than 10 min :sweat_smile: after purchase. :muscle:

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I don’t like missed opportunity :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

Glad you like it!

If you use the element and element action, there’s no exposed states. Just a toggle.

If you add the element, you’ll have states to designated active vs not active BUT you need to use a clickable item to activate. (Really any element you can click that has an ID)

Next up, add the element but no button I’d required!

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I tried this plugin on my ios but seems to be not working.
Am I missing something?

I think that for NoSleep to work on iOS, NoSleep must be started through a workflow initiated by the user tapping or otherwise interacting with the page.

I believe you can not have NoSleep start on Page Load (before user taps the screen) and can not have NoSleep start from an event that is not a user interaction.

Apple puts this restriction on playing of videos (which is how NoSleep works) similar to how they restrict playing of audio without interaction.

I better open source this, in that case :rofl: :laughing: , as I’m doing 0 work to further its development.


Did a little testing, not extensive, but what I have access to

  • Works on page load for any non-iOS system.
  • iOS running Chrome, works from a button, but not on page load.
  • Safari, doesn’t work at all.