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New Plugin: Synthesia AI Video creation

This plugin is based off Synthesia’s powerful AI which will allow you to create a video using your own text, where you get to select the Avatar you use. You will be able to control what they say and what background they have within your Bubble app, we will provide a free go at this, however it will be limited, to get your own API key you can get it from their website.
Editor link- Csv-upload-test-2 | Bubble Editor
Demo link-
Plugin link- Synthesia Plugin | Bubble


I can’t believe this :flushed:
This is next level.

Awesome work from Synthesia :clap:
Thanks for the demo

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It is an amazing tool, we cannot help ourselves playing around and making different types of videos. We even played with the concept of an News API connected to Synthesia, to auto generate news presenting broadcasts. :rofl:

Note: due to it taking a few minutes to generate a AI Video. We recommend using this as a backend workflow, our plugin demo editor shows an example of this.


We have an updated example to show how feature rich this Plugin is and what can be achieved while using this plugin. In this example you can see a Synthesia generated video that generates daily using the latest breaking news at that time and saved to the Bubble database which will then allow you to select the video you want to watch. The video player it is on is our VideoJS plugin.
Our new demo shows how you can customise it to what you want.