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🚀[NEW PLUGIN] Table / Grid "Tabulator"

Feature request: Scroll to specific row on table load. RGs can do this. I have a table of items with dates for completion and an indication of whether they’re overdue. I want to show all of them but have the table load sorting by a date column and scroll to the date closet to today’s date.
Loving this plugin. Great work and thanks.!

This plugin is wonderful. Example screenshot below.
But three caveats for prospective users:

  1. Data can only be of one type.
  2. On the Professional plan I’m getting load times of about 80 things per second when there are 11 columns, as in the picture below. That’s acceptable for me, especially with a “Table Loading” text element underneath the area where the header will be, but for huge numbers of things, it won’t be practical, as someone said above.
  3. Filtering is great, but the response time for changes to the input area for the search is not great. If you have a lot of things with text, typing the search term for the filter doesn’t respond very well because it’s searching anew when you add or subtract a character from the search input.

Hooking up the saving data is easy and wonderful.
But I’m having a weird issue: for date values, when I pick a date on the date picker, it writes to the database but writes one day earlier! The tabulator display shows the date I picked but then a half-second later it shows the saved value, which is one day earlier. Is that a time-zone issue???


Yes, you’re right, it’s a time zone issue. And this is not correct behavior. I’ll take care of this problem today. I think (I’m sure) that tomorrow I will publish a plugin update in which this problem will be solved and everything will work as you expect.

Thank you.

Hi. I sent you an email about the workflow action not showing the “Column” parameter. Am I missing something, or shouldn’t there be a Column between Data Source and Title???

Thanks. This plugin is really making my early customers say “Wow!”


As I see it, the Bubble development team has fixed the problem with the missing fields (It was some kind of Bubble glitch.).

And I have published the plugin update version 1.12.1.
Fixed the issue with the time zone you wrote about.

Please update the plugin.

Thank you.

Hey there, this is a great plugin but I’m running into an issue I can’t seem to overcome.

I’m using the table on a dashboard that uses hidden groups as the different pages based on URL parameters. I load the table and the data on page load and have no problem with the plugin table looking great, but this is where the issue comes in. When I select a different page it will then double load the table and basically infinitely add the same data to the same row over and over.

I’ve tried forced reloads, “Only If” conditions on several different parameters and no luck.


So that we can accurately determine the problem and its solution, we need to look at a live example. It is better that it was in our test application.
I have created a test application with “Tabulator” plugin connected. This application has full access for you.
I sent you a link to the test application editor in a private message.
Please connect the plugin as you have it connected (make the simplest connection scheme) so that we can see the anomalous behavior and try to solve this problem.
The test application is at your disposal and you can add additional pages and change the data if necessary.

Thank you.

Hi. Can we freeze the header row so the table scrolls but the header row and anything above the table stay fixe on the page?


You can scroll inside the table.
See “Standard” table.
set (for example) “height” = 300
“paginationSizeSelector” - set as you want.

Separately freeze the header will not work.

Is there a way to word wrap the header text? Because i have the boolean filters enabled, there’s a lot of vertical space that I would love to use for text. I would like the first date column here to word wrap “Completed Date”, for example.

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I want to display a list of dates. I’ve set it as textarea, comma separator, but I get the full date value with the day of the week and the time zone in brackets. Is there a way to format dates when they are in a list and appear through a text_col workflow?

This cannot be solved by standard means.
But you can use not a big hack. If you use the html-tag “<br>” (Defines a single line break).
For example, if you write “Full <br>Name” in the “Title” field, then “Name” will be moved to another line.

Image 11

Image 12

!Attention! There are also pitfalls. In “HeaderMenu” this header will also be displayed with the “<br>” tag
Image 13

So it’s better to disable the display of this header in the “HeaderMenu” and disable the “HeaderMenu” itself in this column.
Image 14


Unfortunately, there is no standard solution here either.
Most likely, you will have to include a column with a list of texts instead of a column with a list of dates.
Those. create in advance in the table connected to the plugin a field with a list of texts, in which you can write formatted lists of the required dates in text form.
Sorry, but that’s exactly what it is.