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🚀[NEW PLUGIN] Table / Grid "Tabulator"

Hello fellow Bubblers!
We are glad to announce our small addition to the plugin collection:

Table / Grid "Tabulator"

Tabulator allows you to create highly functional interactive tables.
Extensive Feature Set
Configure your tables to meet the needs of your users
Tabulator has an enormous number of features to help customize your table experience to your needs

  • Columns.
    Unlimited number of connected columns. Each column is connected and configured separately.
  • Filters
    Filter data to display only what you need to
  • Sorting
    Sort data however you like, by any value or data type
  • Formatting
    Create custom formatters to graphically display data
  • Editing
    Edit table data directly in the table. Then return the result
  • Pagination
    Automatic local and remote data pagination
  • Packaged Themes
    Five Prepackaged themes straight out the box
  • Freeze Data
    Freeze columns and rows in place while scrolling
  • Download Data
    Download data directly from the table to a CSV, PDF, HTML or XLSX File
  • Layout
    Customise the layout of Tabulator to meet your needs
  • Responsive Layout
    Automatically hide & show data to fit table size
  • Persistent Configuration
    Remember layout, sort and filter config between visits
  • Navigation
    Navigate focus around the table with keyboard and functions
  • And much more.
    For more information on features and functions, see the documentation and demo pages.


Plugin page:

If you have questions, reach out to us at [email protected]
We appreciate your reviews and suggestions.

Jay | Mindforapps


Dope! Nice work I’ve been looking for one like this

Nice work. This one was on my list of future plugin to build :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ready tables are time savers. Looks nice! Is it based on a library?

Great work! :+1:t2: @MindForApps

It looks really cool - could you tell me if i can put a button or clickable item in a column that can drive a workflow?


Nice work will save lot of time :slight_smile:

Hey guys your mailbox is full. @MindForApps

Hope you can support us a little. :slight_smile:

I just checked, everything is fine with our mailbox. Maybe there was some kind of mail failure over the weekend.

In any case, we are always ready to support you.

Thank you.
Good luck.

I asked a question above, i will ask here again:

Can we put a button or clickable item in a column that can drive a workflow? It appears we can only add data not functionality?

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I haven’t tested but it looks like the plugin supports click to workflow feature.

We are already working on this and will add this feature in one of the next updates.

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Yes plugin supports:
When Value changed
When Row deleted
When Add row (in the next update we will change to row added)
When Row is clicked

And several states:
rowUniqueId - when clicked, we get Unique-Id
columnTitle - when changing, we get the Title of the changed column.
cellValueText - when the text field changes, we get the changed value of this field.
cellValueNumber - when the number field changes, we get the changed value of this field
cellValueBoolean - when a boolean field changes, we get the changed value of this field.
cellValueDate - when the date field changes, we get the changed value of this field.

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Hi there @MindForApps ,

First of all, thanks for creating this awesome plugin. This could potentially save a lot of time creating repeating groups with sorting, headers etc (why not just offer Bootstrap with Bootstrap tables Bubble?).

I’ve just bought your plugin and I’m running into some speed issues. So for a simple test table with 2 columns and 1000 records in the search for in Datasource, it takes really long to load the page. The page load is 15.41 seconds.

In comparison, when I use the Bubble native excel style plugin, the same data, but with all 32 columns takes just 3.18 seconds to load.

Here are some screenshots of both scenario’s with chrome’s network inspector:

Is there any way to handle this data with shorter load times? This… takes too long :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Unfortunately, the more data, the longer the table will take to load. This is limited by the structure of the plugin and the design features of the bubble plugin editor. Custom plugins, so far, cannot dynamically load data (like a native repeating group, for example).
The table first completely loads all the data and then appears on the screen.
As far as I know, all user-created table plugins work approximately the same way. First, all the information is loaded, styles, formatters, editors, filters, etc. are applied, and only then this processed information is displayed in the table. And all this will be managed by time. The more data, the more time.
Sorry, but I can’t do anything about it yet.

Thank you.
Have a nice day.

Thank you for the swift response. I’ve tried to actually load the data that I really want to see, with more columns and more lines of data. The page won’t load at all now, because it has to handle a search for each column, it seems. The same page with a repeating group takes 6.6 seconds.

You explanation that, due to the way plugin development with Bubble currently works, you cannot fix this. I understand. However, it would be great if you would mention the data limits on the plugin page. If I knew this fact, I wouldn’t have purchased the plugin, as it is not a solution to my challenge.

Thanks again for your support.

ps: for other Bubblers out there: this does look like a very nice table plugin, indeed. It’s fairly easy to configure and the overal functionality of the tables generated is GREAT! However, if you intend to use it for moderate to large datasets it might not be the thing for you…

Hi @MindForApps
I suggest to review a little bit your minding about data loading in plugin for this one. (It may not apply to all plugin :wink:
You can probably add a “initial load item #” field and only process this initial numbering. So the initial render will be faster and user can select only item on the viewport + a few more. And after, you can push the remaining data at the end of the script.
It will fake the way Bubble can render RG.


@Jici, thanks you for your mindful response. I was actually experimenting with this very thing right now! So what I can for instance do is limit the items by a slider of picker or whatever and have that as a variable in items until #. So in a way, that works!

However, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense for the end user if you also have things on the bottom of this table plugin like ‘Page size’ and pagination in general etc. For instance, the search function on the columns suggests that you can search all the available data (which is in this case 20k+ rows with 30 columns and growing). That doesn’t really work if you only load 10 or 50 rows of al that data, right?

Or maybe I don’t understand your part about “And after, you can push the remaining data at the end of the script.” correctly…

Up until now I fix most of my Bubble-speed issues by doing the heavy loading outside of Bubble by using Python (Pythonanaywhere) and sending the data through Data API to Bubble. This seems much much faster than using backend workflows to edit larger datasets.

Would you have any other suggestions to try?

I was more suggesting that the Plugin handle this itself and not let the user do that.
@MindForApps is right that sadly, we need to construct the payload for the plugin first and this is why it can be slower than a RG with a lot of items.
So this is why I suggest to @MindForApps to consider having a first data loading part to load the first draw faster and load the remaining part after.

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Thank you for an interesting suggestion.
We will think about how to implement it more beautifully and functionally.


I really want to do this too!