[NEW PLUGIN ] ⚡️ Ultimate Animations Plugin — Animate Any Bubble Element! 100% Custom Scroll Based, Timed Sequences & Mouse Move Animations

@jos2, I have updated IDs to be Dynamic.

@andrew, I messed around with hosting Velocity locally, however ran into some issues. The only thing that relies on Velocity is the scroll to element action. Everything else should work fine. I will be switching the library for this reason, just give me some time to reimplement.

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awesome, thanks so much!

Would folks be interested in adding 3d animations to this plugin?

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certainly would

@23cubed I am wanting to use the scroll to anchor, however, my menu is an options list. When I set the element id on the scroll to action to dynamic it shows blank in debug. Manually adding the id to the action works fine.

Previous, I did not care to use the scroll to action since that is the portion I was having issues with, but it is now more important, any chance on an update with the github-hosted library?

So, if I understand correctly, it is the library which is causing the ID to be blank? Because it is hosted in Github? I will work this weekend on updating to JSdeliver

No, it is not the library. Honestly, the previous message may have been hasty. I am still tracking down the id problem and will let you know if anything. Unfortunately, jsdeliver is also problematic in multiple countries including China & Egypt. Any way to get it hosted directly on bubble CDN?

Could this plugin be used to build something like this?

I need to build this sort of interactive animation but can’t find a plugin that helps.

No, not as of now, unless you got awfully creative with the mouse move element. Even then, probably not possible given that is likely a WebGL scene.

I am considering adding 3D animations though. Is that something people would like?

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