[NEW PLUGIN] Ultimate Icons, 70,000+ Icons, 11+ Icon Libraries, Use with BBCode! [🚨 LIMTED TIME SALE 🚨]

Hi everyone! After a long time in the works, I am finally releasing the Ultimate Icons Plugin. It is designed to be the complete solution to all things icons for your bubble app. It allows you to access 70,000+ Icons across 11 of the most popular icon libraries(more soon). It works with BBCode (Just like [fa] fa-icon-name [/fa]) in Text, Link & Button elements!

:rotating_light: LIMITED TIME SALE INFORMATION :rotating_light:
Until Monday March 11th, Ultimate Icons will be heavily discounted on the plugin marketplace. After this sale, the price will increase, and each individual Icon library will also be listed as it’s own plugin at a lower price.

:link: Live Demo + Documentation
:link: Plugin Editor
:link: Plugin Page

:information_source: PLUGIN DETAILS
Use icons within your bubble project like never before with access to over 70,000+ icons. Using BBCode, place any icon from some of the worlds most popular icon fonts directly into any Text, Link, or Button Element! Use a wide range of parameters to get each icon looking just right. Worried about performance? No need! Optimize your app in the plugin settings by excluding unused icon fonts and corresponding code in the plugins tab.

:white_check_mark: 11+ Icon Libraries
:white_check_mark: 70,000+ Icons
:white_check_mark: Use in Text, Link & Button Elements
:white_check_mark: Use with BBCode
:white_check_mark: Lightweight
:white_check_mark: Optimize Performance in Plugins Tab
:white_check_mark: Customize Size, Offset & More.
:white_check_mark: Override Icon Library Version

NOTE: Demo site does not use any performance settings so you may see some undesired loading behavior due to the fact that it loads and executes all 70,000+ Icons. This can easily be avoided in the plugins tab performance settings.