[New Plugin] Walkthrough Tour / Onboarding

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Hi @levon,

After upgrading to the latest Breaking change, I get this error:
“The plugin Walkthrough & Onboarding Tour / action Start Tour a Tour threw the following error: Cannot read property ‘end’ of undefined”

What is the breaking change in the last version and what features that may not be working?

we have replaced the library that was used in the plugin due to some issues with it. Did you try to refresh the browser, then also try to move the plugin’s element on page 1 px and then back. This should reinitiate the plugin in your call properly.
please let me know if it worked

Yep, that worked :+1:t2:

Having issues while integrating this plugin into a mobile app (When there are Floating Groups on the page).

What it does is, it fades the whole page and only highlight Floating group on the page. Group with the specific key does not get highlighted nor it shows any popup for that group. Tried it on different pages but specifically having issues on the page with Floating group.

When we try to highlight an element/group in floating group, it highlights the whole floating group.

How do you start Workflows based on Step-completions? For example, one of the steps in my walkthrough is that people have to create a task, and once they do that I want to trigger a Workflow (where I complete that on their checklist of things to do when getting started), but I don’t see such an option. Is it possible to set up a listener based on the last step that they complete?

I ran into the same issue, but the Floating Groups and Popups are on a different layer in the code, so you’re not highlighting them, they’re just above your greyed out background. This is a problem by the creator as they should’ve placed these Walkthrough steps on the level of the floating groups/popups in the HTML. It can’t be fixed as an outsider…