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[New plugin] Create a product tour for your app 🚩

Hey everyone! :wave:

We just released our first plugin: A+ Onboarding :triangular_flag_on_post:
It allows you to create a product tour for your Bubble app in minutes!

Here’s a demo and an editor view.

:white_check_mark: Make your user understand how your features work
:white_check_mark: Step by step, highlight the visual elements of your app
:white_check_mark: Erase any friction when your user is onboarding

Got a question, an idea or a feature request? Feel free to drop us a line!


Great job Guys !!



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Thanks @eazycode @cmarchan ! :muscle:

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Hey @nocodejungle,

Great plugin, but does it work on mobile devices?

Thank you!

Hi @ben4 !
Sure, the plugin supports touch devices.
You can try by yourself the demo on a mobile device :wink:

Hey again @nocodejungle,

The demo worked on my phone, but when I try it in the app, it doesn’t work on the phone, only on my computer. Is it different if the app is wrapped?


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@ben4 What did you use to wrap your app?
Also, what’s precisely happening (the tour doesn’t start, the user cannot tap on the button, etc…)?

The expected behavior should be the same if the app is simply embedded into a mobile one :slight_smile:

Hey @nocodejungle,

I used codelessacedemy.
When the page loads, the tour doesn’t start.


Pretty weird that it only affects the mobile app version… :thinking:

Are you sure your workflow where you add the steps and start the tour is properly executed?
Do you have a debug output or a link to your app so I can inspect it?

The workflow works on a computer, so I assume its set up correctly. :frowning: I cant get any debug information from the mobile. What can I provide to help you with this?

Since CodelessAcedemy is an external tool, it’s difficult for me to help you without any more information… :confused:

What I’m trying to investigate is if the bug comes from the product tour plugin (which I could patch in the day), if it’s in your app workflow (would be surprising because it works when the app is used “normally”) or if it’s related to the tool you used to wrap your app into a mobile one (in this case, it would concern the developer of the tool).

If your app is live, you can send me its link in DM so I can see if I can figure out where’s the problem. :slight_smile:

How would you be able to debug it on a mobile though, you dont get to see the inspector? I can show you screenshots, loom videos, whatever you need. Let me know.

I just sent you a DM, I’ll investigate further :slight_smile:

it’s a great plugin and easy to implement!
But it works on the PC and android device. but it won’t appear on the iPhone.
Do you have any idea how we can fix it?

Hey! If you can’t get that working in iPhone,

This will definitely do the job!

Hey @yukiar34, glad you like the plugin! :slight_smile:

Weird issue, the tour works on my iPhone.
Could you tell me please :

  • What’s the exact behavior? Is the whole tour not appearing or just a step?
  • Do you use the plugin in a web app or is it wrapped in a mobile one (like @ben4 did)?
  • Do you have a reproduction link to your demo?

Hey @jared.gibb, thanks for your suggestion! But unfortunately, it seems not to do the job :confused:

Oh man. That looks scary and like unintended behavior! Time to get to work. This is what I get for high jacking a post without checking the plugin demo first… :man_facepalming: :joy:

hi @nocodejungle

  1. It doesn’t appear
  2. in a web app. on pc and android, it works but not working only on iPhone
  3. you can try to sign up from 会員登録|Pont and go to editor after several pages.