New Plugins: Adorable Avatars, Random User Generator,, Typeform

Hi Bubblers,

I recently published 4 plugins whose APIs I had been finding useful, so hopefully these will help others as well:

Adorable Avatars
Free to use, no API keys necessary
This one generates a link to a random cartoon face (png image). You’ll provide a unique identifier, like an email address or number string, so that the image will be consistent when you assign the link to a Thing (like a User). It will look something like or or whatever unique string works best for your app. It’s great for creating a default image for users.

Random User Generator
Free to use, no API keys necessary
This one is fantastic for testing common User data like names, locations, phone numbers, birth dates, etc. It also gives you user photo options (real images in case the option above is too playful). I’ve added 2 calls here: Retrieve a single random user and Retrieve a list of random users. There are a few parameters that you can also specify (gender, country, number of results, etc.). Definitely a nicer testing environment to see “real” data versus “aasdfkj jlkjerewij” all the time :slight_smile:
Requires: account / API key / Extractor ID
Access extractor data from URLs you’ve set up with the service. I recommend you make sure the data is coming in the way you need on first to save yourself some configuration steps.

Requires: account / API key
Get a list of all your Typeform forms and their responses.

Please email/DM/reply here if you have any questions or need help with any of it.

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Sadly APIs will stop working on 21st February if you haven’t got a premium plan.

Premium plans start at $299 a month !


That’s wild. Thanks for the tip. I’ll make note of this in the plugin description and, if possible, will update it for anyone on a plan.

I literally just got the reminder email from They are offering me 20% off if I sign up before 31st January.

Love but … that is steep.

Yeah, I agree. Wonder how that will go for them. Thanks for this though, because the plugin may very well become a paperweight. Will keep an eye on the options.

Thank you @romanmg

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Hi @romanmg I am using Adorable Avatars which is great!

I have simply implemented where the user has not uploaded an image file, but I have noticed a strange behaviour. If you addd a simple implementation such as below:


It saves the image to Bubble’s S3 every time it is loaded on the page.

Is this an issue, I can see it creating an enormous amount of duplicate files over time.

Some examples below.

Hi @StevenM,

Glad you like the plugin! Good catch here. So, it’s probably better to generate the avatar url per user whenever they sign up so that it’s stored as a backup for them one time only. If they don’t upload their own image, then you use this “avatar” field instead, rather than calling the avatar API in the element.

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