New release "Gruya"

New app created with bubble “GRUYA”

A live streaming application, become a streamer and broadcast whenever you want, your audience and your followers can launch challenges and offer you money to meet them, you can also tune in to other streamers and launch challenges, at the same time you can rate them depending on whether they met the challenge, you can also create a room, you can invite your friends to join your room, all users who enter the room can broadcast and create challenges, all against all, the app is available in english y en español.

You can start from, and with the help of BDK Native by @gaurav, gruya is also available on iOS and Android, which I highly recommend if you want to make your applications native, since its functions are very complete and the interface is amazing.
I hope and this project is to your liking, I will be updating it and adding more features constantly.



Thanks for the shoutout @joelalcudia!!