New responsive does not works proper when we open in mobile phones?

I dont know why my bubble app looks like this in mobiles?

You must have set up your page’s responsive settings incorrectly… probably your header…

But it’s impossible for anyone to help without knowing how your page is set up…


The page and even header are set to a minimum width of 100 pixels but it doesn’t helps

Actually. I just saw this on my own site too. @bubble must have changed something recently. I haven’t done any updates on my site. I will be reporting a bug. Hope you do to. @chiragveer95 I thought I was going crazy.

Mine ended up being an element that had some left and right margins that maybe were added automatically by Bubble. Removed those and it works again.

Mine was specifically with an align to parent element.

Not sure where it came from. :man_shrugging:t2:

Your issue might be this or something similar.

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