🚀 [New Service] Burst my Bubble | Get actionable feedback on your Bubble app

Hey Bubblers

I’m excited to launch a new offering called Burst my Bubble. Inspiration for this has come from the famous landing page roast service ‘Roast my landing page

What is it?

Submit your Bubble app to us, and we’ll audit your app. We’ll send you a 20 minute video within 48 hours stepping through your app and providing you honest feedback and actionable insights.

We let you & your app guide us, but we cover major aspects like:

  1. Copy & design
  2. Responsiveness
  3. Page load speed
  4. SEO
  5. App organization (reusable elements, styles…)
  6. Workflow optimization
  7. Database optimization
  8. Plugin rationalization

Who’s it for?

:white_check_mark: You’ve built a Bubble app
:white_check_mark: Your app does awesome things, and has lots of potential
:white_check_mark: You struggle to sign up new customers, and retain the ones you have
:white_check_mark: You know in your heart its a bit clunky and meh to use
:white_check_mark: You’d love actionable insights to make it awesome

How it works

  1. Book a Bubble (app) to be burst
  2. Get your 20 minute personalized video in under 48 hours
  3. You implement the changes (paid add-on: we guide you)
  4. Watch your MRR skyrocket :grinning:

Special Offer

To celebrate the launch, for this weekend only you can get a further 50% off using the code ‘ROASTME’ on checkout. That means prices start at under $50

Josh @ Support Dept
Helping no-code founders get unstuck fast :rocket:save hours, & ship faster with an expert :man_technologist: on-demand


And the award for Best-Named Service in the History of the Bubble Platform goes to…

Nice work, man.


Thank you! I was quite proud of myself when I came up with that :rofl:


Only a few more hours left before I take down that massive 50% discount!


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