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[New Service] Figma/Sketch/Xd etc. Design System Implementation by hand in Bubble

Hi all,

Struggling to move all those pixels from Figma/Xd/Sketch etc into bubble?

We’ll do that for you for a simple fixed price.

Fill out the simple form on and we’ll reach out to you in 2 working days.
(or PM me here on the bubble forum)


At AZKY Tech Labs, we’ve worked on loads of projects for clients over the past year. Lots of people would come to us with a high fidelity design in Figma/Sketch etc. We’ve tried bubble’s figma integration as well. Lets just say that it is a bit experimental.

Over time, we’ve found that it can sometimes be tricky to context switch between design the UI, work on workflows, fix database, make another UI section, repeat etc.

So we’ve now systematized a bit of the process. We now run fast for a day and re-implement all the screens from Figma into Bubble and set up the style guide.

Then we can focus on the workflows/dB parts.

After seeing the benefit of this approach, we thought it would be nice to offer it as a standalone service as there will be others who may be facing the same issue.

Especially for founders who are not designers. e.g. My own background is in Software Engineering. I can easily add workflows/databases/backend workflows/apis etc. But if I needed to design and polish a simple form, I usually request others in our team to handle it. It would take far too much motivation, time and effort on my part.

What we request:

  • Figma/Sketch/Xd/Invision/anything really.
  • It should be high fidelity

What we provide

  • Just the screens re-implemented in bubble (no dB/Workflows)
  • Set up all the styles in bubble

Note: Design tools are amazing. but not everything can map 1-1 in bubble. The page will be fixed width. This is a re-implement-everything-as-much-as-possible-by-hand from Figma etc to bubble service. We estimate that we can take ~ 80% of the design into bubble.

Fill out the simple form on and we’ll reach out to you in 2 working days.
(or PM me here on the bubble forum)

p.s. We also take on full project builds. Feel free to PM me here/book a call via and we’ll see what we can do.

Your link does not work. Safari says too many redirects

That’s strange. I’ll double check tomorrow morning.

It’s an airtable form asking for email, link to figma.

Happy to continue via forum PM.


I’m terrible at design. I managed to teach myself how to use Bubble, but getting things to look good has been next to impossible. Just wanted to give Zubair a shoutout for his Figma to Bubble service, it makes building good-looking pages so much easier.

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