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New Suite of Plugins - Google Rich Snippets (SEO)

You simply drag the element onto the page. For the count of reviews you can use something like Do a Search For Reviews: count
and for the average value you can directly calculate the average using something like Do a Search For Reviews: average.

The best thing would be to just take a look at our demo editor: Antplugin | Bubble Editor

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Thanks. So it is good for an element which shows information about the all reviews which have been collected about an item.

Would your product work also for a single review?

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Yes it would work, it would then display the star rating and then a (1) next to it, indicating that only one review has been submitted-
Something like this:
Screenshot 2021-02-09 at 14.54.39

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Thanks for your replies.

I will purchase it once I’m back home.


Hello ,

I had several questions regarding the job posting plugin.

1: can you post job listings with this plugin?
2: Can you define the “Apply on XXXXX” Button URL in google jobs?
3:Is there an option to add a salary?
4: Does it post the job immediately?
5: how can I test if it worked?

Kind regards

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thank you for reaching out!

  1. Yes you can create Schema Markup for Job Listings that can be displayed in Google Search Results.

  2. No we don’t support that

  3. No currently not

  4. It adds the code immediately to the page. If and when Google will display the job is up to them.

  5. You can use this tool by Google;

Hope that helps!


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i am novice and I would like to know :

  1. If the “VideoRichSnippet” element should be put on the dynamic page that contains a video (Current Page Video) OR it should be put on the page where all the videos are (Search for Video).

  2. Can we reference a single video or several? How to do ? There are no instructions.

  3. For the duration, what should I wear? This is a duration for a video.

  4. For the contentURL, is it just for a video too?



I would also like to know if you have a plugin for Rich Snippet Sitelinks?

Thank you, it’s really difficult with Bubble to do this kind of process.

  1. It should be on the page where the video os.

  2. You can just reference one video at a time

  3. I dont understand the question

  4. Yes this is the url where the actual video is hosted

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No, Sitelinks are automatically recognized and added by Google

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Thank you for your answer !

Thank you for your answer. I don’t know how my pages can be recognized Sitelinks on . The structure of is horizontal

Hi i bought the snippet and it did passed google rich review, but it never showed on the google jobs listings. Do you know if anyone has had success whith this one? i mean do you if any users if this plugin have actually seen their job postings displayedon google job searchs ?
Do you have a tutorial ?

Hi i bought the plugin, used it and runned the test, it did pass the test but my job listing never showed on google jobs linstings. I know what google displays is not up to you, do you know if anyone has had succes seeing a job post actually displayed on google?

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