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New Suite of Plugins - Google Rich Snippets (SEO)

Hey everyone,

we’ve just released a suite of new plugins that allow you to add google rich snippet markup to your bubble pages. Rich snippets are additional pieces of information that the search engine is able to identify on the page, used to enhance the searcher’s understanding of the value of that page.
It can have a great effect on your SEO. So far we have released 4 different Rich Snippets, more will follow soon:


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Software App Snippet:

Logo Rich Snippet:

Job Posting Snippet:

Product Snippet:

FAQ Snippet -

Hi Noel! @Anticode

I purchased your plugin to give it a try. I have tested the plugin using the google tool, and it only detects the snippet if I test the domain “” but noy my custom domain. Is this normal? I believe it is, but I just want to be sure…

Thanks a lot!

Hello Diego,
no it should also be detected on your custom domain. It worked for our custom domains.
Did you make sure to deploy your application to the custom domain with the snippet element added to the page?
We’ve also made the experience in the past that it takes a few hours for snippets to appear in the google structured data testing tool

Hi Noel!

Yes I did. I can imagine that it can take some hours to be detected. I’ll wait till tomorrow and let you know. Thanks a lot for your quick answer!

Hi Noel! @Anticode
It works perfect! just had to wait a couple of hours and now google detects the snippets. Thanks!!

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With this plugin you can add the Rich Snippet “FAQ” to your bubble application. This allows your job postings to be displayed via Google Jobs search results

Interested in your FAQ and product plugins but confused by job postings part. Is this a typo?

Yes sorry thats a typo. Please refer to the actual title of the plugin

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Is there a way for you to show an image/gif of how the FAQs and Products show in google search once google has crawled? I can search but I want to be certain.


However keep in mind that google decides if they want to show your Snippets.

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Thank you. Will these plugins work with dynamic pages? For instance: I have a product page that uses dynamic product ID and faqs of the product changes by product. Will Google, when it chooses to, identify these as different products and FAQs

Yes it will


Aggregate Employer Rating Snippet - Google Snippets - Employer Rating Plugin | Bubble

Google Snippets - Local Business Google Snippets - Local Business Plugin | Bubble

Hi there,
How does it work exactly?
Let’s assume I already collected 100’s of reviews and display them in repating group. What do I need to do in order Google to recognise them as structured data?