[New] Template for the OpenSource Mistral.ai API

This is the first Bubble template for the Mistral-AI API. Bringing open AI models to the frontier | Mistral AI | Open-weight models
This template connects your Bubble app to the Mistral-AI API. The Mistral-AI is Open Source and based in Europe.

The Mistral AI template introduces a new way to build personal Mistral AI driven assistants. This template gives you all you’ll ever need to create powerful assistants.

- Create an Assistant or choose one from the assistants dropdown.
- Create a new thread or select an existing thread.
- Create new messages in the active thread.

You can create unlimeted assistants. Then you can add unlimited threads to an assistant. And every thread can have unlimited messages. Messages consists of prompts from you and answers from the Mistral AI.

To work with the template you need an MistralAI developer account. https://docs.mistral.ai/
Create account and click on API keys on the left side. Create an API key and copy it. Now go to your Bubble site and install the API connector plugin.
Expand the OpenAI API call. On the top you’ll find a shared header. Paste your API key in the value field of the Authorization key.


@mdwp.post looks good!

I’m curious - does that use their Chat API? or do they have an Assistants structure like OpenAI that I’m not aware of? I can’t see anything related to Assistants in their doc

The Mistral.AI doesn’t have an Assistant API. I mimic the OpenAI Assistant-API with Bubble workflows and a DB structure with Assistants, Threads and Messages.

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I’ve changed the model to the brand new large model.