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New Updates from Stripe

Hey Bubblers!
Just received this email from Stripe with some changes and improvements to their services. Wanted to share with you

Hi there,

We just announced some exciting changes to Stripe Connect and I wanted to share the news.

New fund flows
We’ve seen that many business models require more flexible ways to route funds. We’re introducing a number of new fund flows to Connect to support more business models. You can now:
• Split charges between multiple recipients
• Hold funds in reserve for up to 90 days
For more details, check out all of the new Connect fund flows here.

Introducing Express
We’re launching a new account type: Express. Express provides platforms with a pre-built UI to quickly onboard users (like service providers), while keeping the user experience under the platform’s control. This lightweight integration means that users can easily get signed up and ready to accept payments without needing to sign up for a Stripe account through the regular onboarding flow. Today, Express is available to US-based recipients, with support for more countries coming soon.
New terminology
Managed accounts are now Custom accounts and Standalone accounts are now Standard accounts. We hope this is a bit clearer. There’s nothing you need to do to your integration, but these new names will now be reflected in our documentation.
Lastly, we have updated the Connect Platform Agreement (CPA), primarily to enable the new fund flows and update terminology. There’s no need to take any action; the revised CPA will apply to your future use of Connect starting June 1st, 2017.

Please make sure to visit our blog post for additional information on the above and please don’t hesitate to respond to this email with any questions!


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Thanks for sharing this! I also received the email and can’t wait to start playing with some of the new features. Holding funds was a huge issue for me before I launched late last year and ended up needing to find a pretty short-term solution to the issue.

Has anyone upgraded their API version yet?

I’m wanting to but worried about breaking my platform while setting it up again and testing.