*Newbie* Help Needed

Hello there, I am currently developing a database strictly for a single genre of music, that being my beloved Drum & Bass. Considering I’m new here and to bubble, I’m quite pleased with what I have so far… I’ve almost sussed repeating groups, user login/sign up and other things.

I’m just missing a few things that are crutial to what I’m creating…

  1. I have separate repeating groups for playlists, podcasts etc and was wondering if it was possible to make it so that, when a user clicks one of those items, it shows another group with all the information of that one item inside? I’m currently just linking to their web pages etc.

  2. Slightly similar to above, if that is possible would that mean I could also use that to say, click on a podcast, which again would open a group with only that one item inside, but containing the playlist so a user can stream that from within my app, and not have to link to Spotify or elsewhere for them to stream.

  3. I can sign up with Facebook and Twitter, but logging in creates an ‘email already exists error’ what is that I have missed?

I have a few other questions, but I feel like this one topic is asking quite a bit of the bubble community.

Thanks for any/all help I may recieve,


I forgot to add the app link for you to explore to understand what I’m aiming for… https://basslab.bubbleapps.io (it has both web and native version depending on how you’re viewing it).

If you need access to it for further inspection, such as the logging in part then I can set that up for you.

Hi Mike!

For 1 and 2, check out this video to understand the concept of passing data to groups as well as the concept of a “parent group” : https://youtu.be/fcdD6UED_PA

For 3, you need to log the user in with Facebook or Twitter as well - whichever they used to originally signup. So, instead of using the “Log in a user” action, you want to use “Signup/Login with Social Network” action (it handles both)

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your response, I will have to look into the YouTube video a bit more, I did come across a video that sent data to pages, and using that feature I can get the current users email to show in my mobile header, but no profile image, username or anything else.

It might be helpful to add, that I have added a Username, Profile Photo and Name field within the User type already within bubble, would that be the issue, as in, I would need to create my own User type?

Also in regards to 3, I have a Facebook and twitter icon that the user can press on the sign up page and it registers an account using the SignUp/Login with social network function, and also the same on my login page. However, in the development version I can log out and log in, but for some reason in the published version I just keep getting the ‘email already exists’ error thing. It’s seems rather odd that I can log in and out in development mode, but can’t login in live mode.

Thanks again,


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