Newbie question on data types

This is a real newbie question, but I can’t seem to get my head around it… I have a custom api which returns a listing of different cryptocurrencies and their prices… I then want to display them in a repeating group. Simple enough. My question, is when I am defining the data type (crypto), do I make all the elements (ie. symbol, name, price, etc.) lists of things or just single. I have made them single regular elements; however, when I put the info in the repeating group, it only seems to return 1 item. I am confused as to when to set the fields as ‘lists of things’… ?

So I think what you want to do is make them a single but the thing that contains these fields a list.

That is what I thought… but when I try to to take the data from my api, it only seems to populate one thing and not the entire list. Not sure why it is doing this…

Are you sure the api is returning a list

Are you trying to display the list directly in the repeating group ?
If not try making the datasource -> get data from api

Yes I have tested it in Postman, and it is returning a list…

I could have a look if you shared your app however I’m in cszek on holidays at the moment and don’t really have access to my computer.

Did you say you are referencing the data straight from the repeating group? Ie get data from api

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