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"Next" button possible some how?

I have a repeating group that just goes all the way down the page with no end basically as more and more entries are made.

How can I configure a “next” button and fix the number of cells to say 10?

Hey @JustinC You would set the repeating group to have a Fixed Number of Cells (so if you wanted 10 at a time to show, you could do either 5 rows and 2 columns or 2 rows and 5 columns), and then create a Next button. In the workflow of the Next button, it would be: When ‘Next’ is clicked --> Element Actions (Repeating Group, Show Next) --> Select the Repeating Group and select wrap-around if you’d like the entries to wrap around once the user has clicked through all of the entries. If you had a back button as well it’d be the same process, except the action would be (Repeating Group, Show Previous)

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