No clear solution - Converting date range to list of dates

Hi all, need some help here.

I just need to convert a date range (user input), into a list of dates so that I can run that list of dates through an API workflow.

I’ve found no solution to this forums or plugins. The plug-ins recommended just don’t seem to have clear documentation, or have so much functionality that it would take days to watch each hour-length youtube video!

I’d appreciate help on this - It’s a 2 minute task that’s taking me hours now.

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I just built this ugly but functional page:

I also built a dummy table to store the dates I created.

The user will select the start and stop date. The RG at the bottom will display the dates created.
The “populate” button does this:

This is what the API looks like:

This is what Step 1 does:

This is what step 2 does:

I run this with the dates 8/15 and 8/25 and I get these rows:

Hope this helps to at least get the dates generated.


Forgot to show this. This is what the API call looks like:

I think this is unnecessarily WU intensive and slow - custom event solution is much faster if you need to generate a list of dates in front end to pass to backend, which I think is what OP is trying to do. It might be appropriate in the backend though if required.

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Hi there!

This definitely seems like the solution. I set up my workflow in the same way as yours but it seems to just loop creating the same date?

Step 1:

Last step (sends back to step 1 to create next date)


output (now stopped as it just seems to keep looping the same info)

The date item no. should increase, but it loops on that same number ?

The schedule snapshot you show has the API event create_event_dates_copy.

But your screenshot of the API you are using recursively looks like it’s called create_event_dates_LIST.

Are you calling the right API event? Or am I reading something wrong?


Sometimes Bubble uses the name in the header (it has ‘copy’ in it but it’s cut off), and sometimes Bubble uses the API worflow name ( the first item not in the header).

So it wasn’t that, that’s just naming issues, but I’ll double check!


I managed to get this working using some of your methodology so THANK YOU. the crux of it was that I didn’t know there was a simple adding (days) function to just write your own list using some logic. Big thanks on that!