No code possible for: 1) user to iteratively add, group, and "score" inputs, 2) store in a DB, 3) push combos of this data back into the front end, and 4) create dynamic visuals based on combos?

Most examples of no code product are heavy on pulling inputs, organizing data, and enabling a human to take/automate easy simple actions (i.e. accept designers into a marketplace).

We are looking for a no code approach that is more dynamic and automated; specifically:

  1. User inputs, groups, and “scores” data via frontend
  2. Data stored in DB
  3. Program pulls different combos of this data together to mean something (overly complex via zaps - looking for something more elegant and intuitive)
  4. Data combos dynamically represented in front end visuals that are easy for users to understand (limited by the templetat-ed front end approach of many no code setups)

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Bubble is really good about having an unlimited front end approach. It is very flexible as to what you put on the screen. I believe Bubble can handle what you are trying to do. It shouldn’t be a problem. That is what Bubble is made for. :slight_smile:

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Hope that helps! :blush: