No Data on my Schedule API Log


im trying to schedule api workflow but there’s no data on my Schedule Log

  1. I clicked Show button and event set the Date day before
  2. im sure i was on the right version which is in Development Mode

but i tried to add a workflow to send email and it works i received an email, but there’s no data on the log

If you schedule something for a date in the past, it would not show up in your logs. It’s only reflecting things happening in the future.

If you want to be able to view things before they process while testing, Bubble recently launched the pause scheduler feature.

so you mean i need to click the Pause to view the schedule workflow? because even i clicked it its still not showing up

If you want to see the transactional details of an event, look at the Server Logs tab. This chronicles all the major events in your app.

The scheduler tab is only meant for showing the API workflows that are going to happen in the future. (The pause function mentioned about just temporarily halts workflows from running).

i see i get it now it should be not set to Current Date and Time unless you set it like +1 hour as long its far beyond of time