No manifest detected - add to home screen not working


Chrome used to detect my app manifest and users were able to add to home screen as an app, not just a shortcut. But recently it’s not working. Chrome can’t now detect it.

Here’s my app

Here’s how it used to work.

The manifest.json is still there for sure and the web manifest validator still detects it.

Anyone experience this too? Any solution yet?


tested with Android, works Fullscreen android from homescreen

Hi, @cwmoss

It used to work fine earlier. But now it’s not working. I used the exact code to my other page on another server and it still works.

Not sure if Chrome has updated policy or anything.

Is your app still working?

Yes works fine

If you cancel the pop up, it will not show up for like months apparently.
Make sure you clear cache/cookies when you update your app it also works at my end. Your app looks very slick. If I may ask how did you implement the loading icon?


Thanks for you kind words.

I have solved it. I had unintentionally put the tag <head>... </head> in the script/meta tags in header box. Now removed and works perfectly as normal.

The loading icon is just my logo and a spinner (both SVG format). I put this loading icon at the bottom of everything (visible on page loaded) and also hide every other page as a default. And set the workflow 'when the page loaded, then animate (fade in) sign up page.

You can find and customize many nice & free SVG spinners here

Have fun for your project :slight_smile: