No scroll repeating group


I would like to have a repeating group without it being scrollable in any way and without having a fixed number of cells.

Any help on the matter will be appreciated


Hi there, @alexandermooreint… what do you mean when you say you don’t want the repeating group to be scrollable in any way? I assume you mean the repeating group itself and not that the repeating group wouldn’t show more data as the page scrolls? Are you talking about an extendable scrolling repeating group?


What I mean is that I have a repeating group. I want if a specific workflow is fired not to be able the user to scroll up or down in the RG (to freeze).


Sorry, but that still doesn’t make sense (to me, at least). What are you trying to accomplish from a user perspective? Do you want a specific thing to be shown on the page for a specific amount of time? Can you are share some screenshots or an example that clarifies the experience?

Sorry for not explaining correct. The app is a social media app and the RG is Posts. When the user is adding a comment a floating group pops-up in order to fill the Comment. This floating group (Comments) covers 50% of the screen which means that a part of the RG (Posts) is visible. If user try to scroll Posts behind this is allowed by Bubble.
From a user prospective it will be perfect if she/he cannot be able to scroll the RG (posts) behind as long as he is filling the comment. As happens in all Social Media app scrolling (in posts behind) is locked.

Admittedly, I really haven’t used floating groups all that much, but I’m not sure why you are using a floating group if you don’t want the group to, well, float. I’m guessing someone will jump in with a better suggestion/answer, but can’t you use a popup or regular group to create the same experience without trying to get around the fact that the floating group is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do by floating above the page?

Thanks a lot. However the question is not on the Popup but on the RG and how to lock scroll.

If you have a text box (or another element) inside the repeating group, make sure the min width and min height of the element are smaller than the repeating group min width and min height.