Noob lost in the database

Hey everyone,

I’m a total noob when it comes to this so forgive me as this is probably super basic but after 48hours of trying to figure it out, I am stuck and would appreciate some help.

I am attempting to create a simple dashboard to allow me to create a fund, add to it over time and track my progress in a graph (pretty simple right).

I had attempted to do this by creating the following data types:

And subsequent fields:

The idea was to allow me to:

  1. create a user account
  2. create a fund and store the relevant information
  3. create event logs to display a history of changes to the fund
  4. allow me to add/subtract values from that fund
  5. allow me to track the global sum of all funds and display this in a line graph showing the change over time

As it stands, I’ve got a super basic form to allow me to create an account (which works) and to create funds (which works) and an event is created (which works).

The issue is that no matter what I try I cannot seem to link the Funds to the account. It just does not link. The link seems to be working for the Events, at least when an Account is created, but not when a Fund is created. I’ve included pictures of the fake database entries below, notice the gaps.

I’m totally lost with this. I’ve been through forums trying to find answers, youtube, even bought a template to try and recreate the functionality so I could understand it, but for the life of me I just can’t get it to work. There I was thinking no-code would be easy haha.

Help would be so appreciated!

You are juggling with several concepts. Perhaps, a session with a coach could help get your questions answered so that it gets easier to “dot the Is and cross the Ts”

If you prefer to review further instructional material, I suggest the following videos for what I gather may be useful:

Kudos to @TipLister for his great instructional videos!

Hope this helps :+1:t2:

Thanks, I’ve actually managed to eventually figure it out by rebuilding and simplifying the databases. Those videos were very helpful. Thanks for sharing

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