Not able to read External URL redirect parameters

I have created a backend workflow to redirect user on successful or failed transaction based on response by PayU payment gateway.

Now when I am trying to read the URL parameters in bubble its not populating in the url:

Here’s how response url from gateway looks like:

But that’s what I read In my url parameters:

https://app.u r l. com/version-test/?code=400&message=Missing%20parameter%20for%20workflow%20payu_cancel%3A%20parameter%20mihpayid&status=MISSING_DATA

How do I append the parameters

status=cancel&mihpayid=55891767a2cbda76d8423efc108169a0 in bubble app url?

Looks like what is being sent back to you is an error code that states there is missing data and so the process is not working properly because you probably are not sending the data needed.