Not Google Maps

I’m interested in using Bubble to make an app but I’m in China where most people can’t access Google. Is there any way to integrate other maps? The best source here is Tencent Maps, but even Yahoo would be more readily accessible.

Right now not really. If it’s a simple map, you can embed it in an HTML element, if you are trying to display a list of entries (like we do with Google), we would have to add something. What are you trying to do?

I’d like to make an app where disabled people can rank and review places around Beijing in terms of accessibility- it seems like your platform would work well for this, but Google is blocked in China

There is quite some work involved. Would you be interested in sponsoring this? Reach out to if so.

Maybe? Thanks, I just sent an email. :slight_smile:

Sorry for bringing up an old topic.
I am planning to visit China next month. Is Google services still blocked there?

China has strict censorship policies, so accessing Google in China can be difficult. With a VPN, users in China can circumvent the Great Firewall of China to escape Internet censorship and access the Internet freely. To access Google in China , follow these 5 steps: Sign up for a VPN service .