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"notranslate" attribute for Localize.js

When using Localize.js, or any other software, there are often things I don’t want translated. Like names of users. Currently, the only way to do this is by rejecting the phrases in the pending page in Localize.js

If you take a look at the link below, there is an ability to add “notranslate” attribute to an HTML element on the page. This will prevent Localize from adding it to pending phrases.

I also noticed Localize picks up phrases from the debug console. If you could prevent that again, by perhaps using the notranslate attribute , it would be great (the user would maybe use a checkbox in the settings).

This probably ties into adding custom attributes and classes to elements on the page. I don’t know about classes but Webflow has a simple way it handles custom attributes (not sure if this was suggested before but my issue is related to Localize.js specifically):

There is a way to block content contained in specific CSS classes using the “blockedClasses” attribute in the Localize.initialize() call. If the debug console content is contained in a div or other HTML element that has a specific CSS class, you can add it to the “blockedClasses” array. See specs here: