"notranslate" attribute for Localize.js

When using Localize.js, or any other software, there are often things I don’t want translated. Like names of users. Currently, the only way to do this is by rejecting the phrases in the pending page in Localize.js

If you take a look at the link below, there is an ability to add “notranslate” attribute to an HTML element on the page. This will prevent Localize from adding it to pending phrases.

I also noticed Localize picks up phrases from the debug console. If you could prevent that again, by perhaps using the notranslate attribute , it would be great (the user would maybe use a checkbox in the settings).

This probably ties into adding custom attributes and classes to elements on the page. I don’t know about classes but Webflow has a simple way it handles custom attributes (not sure if this was suggested before but my issue is related to Localize.js specifically):

There is a way to block content contained in specific CSS classes using the “blockedClasses” attribute in the Localize.initialize() call. If the debug console content is contained in a div or other HTML element that has a specific CSS class, you can add it to the “blockedClasses” array. See specs here:

Hi @kbobash
The bubble localize plugins does not allow to add parameters such as blockedClasses.
Is it possible to find another way or add javascript after the pluging has loaded to add the blocked class ?