Number of days in a month

Hello everyone!

Quick question. How do I get the number of days that the current month has?

Thank you

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You can use this logic in a text.
Current Date → extract ->month

Hello @hafizaliimrankhan !

But that would actually give me the number of the current month. For example, now in july, it would return number 7, but actually what I want is Bubble to return 31 since july has 31 days

This suggestion might seem a bit hacky, but it works.




That did work @mikeloc. Thank you!

How did you manage to write the parenthesis to establish the mathematical order of operations?

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Ah, that’s the experimental parentheses feature… check it out for sure.

Did not about this!

This actually works for others features I’ve been working on!

Thank you very much @mikeloc

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