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OAuth custom redirect URI

Trying to authenticate using the OAuth2 User-Agent Flow. I have a custom redirect_uri however that I need to pass manually. always overwrites with a random URI. I need to pass a very specific one.

Any advice here?

If you are using the API Connector for Oauth2 then uncheck the universal redirect_uri and pass your URL.

This doesn’t work. The problem is that Bubble adds their own redirect_uri to my request. I cannot add mine to it as well. They also add a bunch of more information that is not applicable to my redirect request. For example,


In this example, REAL_CLIENT_ID == BUBBLE_CLIENT_ID, REAL_RESPONSE_TYPE == BUBBLE_RESPONSE_TYPE but most crucially, the REAL_REDIRECT_URI <> BUBBLE_REDIRECT_URI which will then throw an error on the webpage I am trying to OAuth into.

I need to change the BUBBLE_REDIRECT_URI since I cannot change it on the portal and I do not want to call the authorization from the redirect page.