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OAuth "Invalid authorization code or redirection URL is not valid"

Hi all,

I want to Log in to battlenet (blizzard).

I set up the API on their side and the API Connector on bubble.

The workflow for sign up works but I cannot find the CALLBACK URL.

I get re- directed to Blizzard , I Log but do not get back to my page.

I get the following Error on the Blizzard Page:

" 400

Ungültiger Authorisierungscode oder Umleitungs-URL ist nicht gültig.

Invalid authorization code or redirection URL is not valid. "

Here is the documentation from Blizzard:

Here are the settings I used.

Thank you very much for your help!

This should be a setting in the application you set up with Blizzard/Battlenet. It should be the exact URL that triggers the signup in your app. If it lets you add multiple redirect URLs, add both test and live versions of your app’s page. If only one, just keep in mind that you’ll need to switch the link whenever you’re testing.

The first time you set this up, you need to have the debugger on, so make sure the URL has “?debug_mode=true” (this is for Bubble to properly connect)

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It works now!

Thank you very much!

Have an awesome evening!


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One more question:

How can I save the received info on a user? OR create a new one if he does not exist.

I tried to do a workflow:

“Signup/Login - With API Bliizard API” -> Make a change to “current user” (create if not exist)

But the I have a problem

I want to save two things on a user “ID” as text and “Tag” as Text

I receive the data as follows:

“id”: 101232795,
“battletag”: “User#2462”

What is the best way to do this?

Thank you very much for your help!!!

Is this data coming in from an API call? that you set up inside the OAuth API configuration?


My intention is to Signup/login the user with the Oauth and during this save the respond as a new user or log the user in.

Do I need to make a second call for the user data after the oauth?

This is the APO DOC for “GET User account”

Yes, add that GET call to your API setup (below all the authorization fields) and then in the workflow, add an action “make a change to current user > id = Get data from external API” … choose the call and navigate to the id field and do the same for battletag.

Feel free to share a Public Edit link to your app if you want.