OAuth2 Custom Token - GET option

@emmanuel For the API Connector, would it be possible to add a dropdown option for the Authentication type “OAuth2 Custom Token” that allows us to get Access Tokens using GET or POST? (instead of only POST)

Ugly Skitch screenshot example:

AFAICT he really does need this option. (Though it is weird that seemingly the API he’s dealing with grants a token in exchange for nothing… I guess it’s stateful and depends on previous actions or something?)

Which API does authentication that way?

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Interac (a popular Payment method in Canada). Here is a screenshot from their documentation as you need to apply to Interac to access the documentation link. The /access-tokens endpoint throws an error when trying to use POST as it needs to be GET

Any update on if this can be added?

I need to know whether I should start trying to build out a manual refresh mechanism or if this would be added at some point over the next month or two then I would just wait

We currently don’t have the bandwidth for this so I can’t commit to doing this in a month or two

Got it. For some insight into how to build this manually, what is the conventional method for refreshing a token?

  1. Using the returned expiry date value, schedule a workflow and refresh the token right before expiry

  2. When a workflow goes to run, check if the token is expired and refresh if needed

  3. Refresh on every call

  4. Other?

I use #2. Seems like the fewest calls, and refreshing tokens is usually a quick process so the user is not held up.

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