OFFER - I'll design and build your web app in weeks for an affordable price

Hey everyone,

For the past year I’ve been using Bubble within the context of my education startup, building various MVPs and websites. The journey thus far has served as a self-taught crash course in not only building web apps with Bubble, but also project management and UX and UI design.

Now I’d like to dip my toes into the development freelance world, and would love to talk to some of you about building and co-designing your app or prototype.

I’m looking to build out my portfolio, and so I can offer you both an affordable rate and to work at no risk to you - if you’re not happy with what I deliver, then you don’t pay.

Let me know if we can work together!

Matt Neary

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Matt - I am new to .bubble and have worked a little on the tutorial. Joined today and just came to the forum and saw your offer to help. Can you share a couple of apps you have already developed so I can see the potential of .bubble?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hey Dan, for sure. Although since I’m still building out my portfolio, and do date have built mostly internal tools and quick prototypes to test with users, some of the functionality hasn’t been maintained. In short, you might encounter some bugs :wink:

This Video Q&A tool I built earlier this year. It’s integrated with Ziggeo and allows people to send questions to one another an answer via video, while building up a catalogue of these video answers on their profile. Still think it’s a nice idea, but we didn’t have a good use case for it at the time, so it’s been left to the side.

I also threw up a platform for finding study buddies for your online courses. Users could post what course they wanted a buddy for, or ask to be the study buddy of others. And if both accepted they could message each other through the platform.

But these only scratch the surface of what bubble can do - I’m not dealing with APIs, payments, or very sophisticated data structures in either of these.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I’m always interested in any apps built with ziggio as I’ve build an app with the ziggio. Yours doesn’t seem to work as I cannot login… Throws up errors on every option. Also both sites seem to be fixed and not responsive!

I might suggest respectfully get your portfolio clean and working as a showcase

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Thanks - working on it!