Online Event this Thursday: Bubble Performance Best Practices

We’re hosting a meetaway for Bubble Performance Best Practices this Thursday at 3pm Eastern / 7pm GMT. Attendees will be matched for conversations over webcam, so come prepared with a list of specific questions and/or performance best practices that you’d like to share.

If you want to improve your app’s performance, then register today.


Great event today @sridharan.s and @kramwe! Thanks for hosting…looking forward to more.



Awe man, I forgot to join. :frowning:

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@sridharan.s please excuse me I missed this meeting and was looking forward to it unfortunately… when is the next one you’ll be holding? Thanks much, have a great weekend.

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Thanks to the Bubble community for coming out – sounds like everyone had a good time, and I certainly did.

@john.pullicino and anyone who is interested - you’re welcome to join the Bubble Group on Meetaway which will make it easier to stay in the loop on upcoming Bubble events.

Additionally, our next event is on Bubble + User Experience & Site Design. This should be a good way to collaborate with other Bubblers so we can all create better user experiences. All of our events are also meant bring Bubblers together so we can build richer relationships and collaborations, and having 1:1 conversations over webcam works great for that. I hope to see you there!

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Perfect - Thanks Scott :slight_smile: