Only allow a list of users to have access in the app

Hi people, how are you doing?
I’m trying to build an app for my side business and struggling a little with it.

The Context:
I have some clients that use my services and today everything is made with e-mail + Google Sheets/Airtable and is getting a little messy with the new demands so i decided to build an small app to help me.

The Idea and the problem:
A simple home page that have one CTA, an image, a header and a login in the header and only my current clients can access the other area to make the uploads and everything else in the dashboard. Kinda like you wanna get in some place and the security in the entrance says something like “name on the list only” type of thing

The problem that i’m facing is that i dont know how to limit the login ONLY to the people (email, name and etc) that i have currently to my google sheets/airtable. Can it be done?

One way to do this would be to add a field to the user table that is ‘dashboard-access’ yes/no, and then only users with that set to Yes have access to the dashboard.

What you don’t outline is how you’re adding/updating that list. Is it coming from your Google sheets, or will you be creating new logins for each of your users? My question is why would other users have access to this system if you don’t give them a login?

@madvaultllc so by creating this dashboad-acess it can be done?

is coming from airtable but the data can be easily transfered to a google sheets with no problem, when i have new clients i will be including them email to this google sheets/airtable list.

this other users are my client already that im trying to relieve the work, so i dont want anyone that isnt them to have this access so im controling them in this list. Hope this explanation helps.

Based on your description, if users aren’t in that list, they wouldn’t have access.

yes, and im finding problem in this part. i tried to use this ‘dashboard-access’ logic but im having a big problem in making it work, can you illustrate to me how would you do it?

In order for a user to login to your bubble application, they must have first gone through a signup flow. You can still make the form look a login, but you should keep in mind that behind the scenes you’ll really be signing the user up if a certain condition is true.

Here’s how I would approach this:

  • Get the Bubble-built AirTable plugin (Airtable Integration | Bubble)
  • Create a user sign up flow - again, this can look like a login form, but the workflow action you’ll use will check the AirTable base and sign the user up if they are authorized.
  • On the action “sign the user up” in your workflow tab, include a conditional to access the AirTable API’s email field, and make sure that the the list of emails from the AirTable base contains the email that the user entered into the sign up form.
  • If it doesn’t, you can show a popup with an error message. If it does, you can proceed with the signup.

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