Only one instance of LOGIN

Hi Bubblers !
I need to ensure that the USERS in my App are Logged-in at only one Location instead of Multiple Locations. In case of Multiple Logins at Different Locations, it should show a message/alert of ‘Already logged in’.
Can this be done in bubble?

Hi there, @adityasinghal08… to the best of my knowledge, there isn’t a great way to stop a user from logging in from multiple locations/devices, however, you can use the Log out other user’s sessions workflow action to make sure the user is logged in from only one location/device at a time. Does that sound like it could work for you?

Hope this helps.


Hi @mikeloc , Thanks a lot for this solution. Yes, this seems useful. However, is there a way to notify the USER through Email, in case the LOGIN is from a different location from the Last Known Location of usage ?
Also, there can be a link for Yes/No confirmation from USER, so that the session may be Ended, if the selected value is NO.

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