Open Link to Google Maps and Show Transit Tranport

Currently using the following dynamic link to an external site:

Google Maps A/Location B

(Location A and Location B are dynamic)

This takes your from my site, to Google maps in another tab and shows you the directions from Location A to Location B.

I am trying to understand the Google Maps URL Parameters to figure out how I can direct straight to the route planner using public transport rather than driving.

I have tried analysing the differences in the two links with no luck.

From my research, I understand the parameter dirflg=r should direct to public transport route, but I am having no luck with this.

Thanks in advance.

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You have to use the travelmode parameter

Set the travelmode to transit to see directions via public transport


Clicking on this link will open up the Google Maps App displaying the public transport directions from Space Needle, Seattle to Pike Place Market, Seattle


Andrew, thank you. a slightly different link structure to my first link.

For anyone else trying to do something similar “Destination A” and “Destination B” are dynamic.“DestinationA”&destination=“DestinationB”&travelmode=transit

Thanks again,

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I was following this thread to help set up the link and it works…one thing for anybody else who may struggle with it, there is a slight difference between the two posters link

it should begin with the below

so there must be the ? mark before api to get it to work.

No need for the quotation marks around the addresses

Thanks to both posters for the help.

Other travelmodes below