Open position for Bubble Dev (Fixed salary)

Hello there!

Our No-Code Agency has an open position ( remote and flexible) for a well versed Bubble developer! Please send me a direct message here in the forum with a summary of your personal info, no-coder profile, abilities and a showcase of your best work!

Your responsibilities

  • Discuss the project with the client and determine what functionality is needed
  • Help the client iterate on the product based on data, development best practices, and customer feedback
  • Manage the development and design teams to execute on the project, providing feedback and guidance as needed
  • Craft and develop production-ready apps in Bubble, when needed, with high quality standards.
  • Put together detailed specifications based on the project requirements as well as our standards
  • Research answers to technical questions that involve API integrations or complex workflows
  • Help the client think through their different options, corner cases, and simplest ways to build something

Things we look for

We value a mix of hard and soft skills, as well as alignment to our core values, in all of our people. Some specific qualities for this role include:

  • Analytical & client-facing experience: Ideal candidates should have 3+ years of experience in a role that is both highly analytical and client-facing, such as management consulting, finance, or product management.
  • Excellent communication skills: Product Managers spend a large portion of their time interacting with clients, so they should be very clear and structured in both verbal and written communication.
  • Interest and experience in no-code: Ideal candidates should be passionate about the disruptive potential of no-code, and the opportunity it creates to reinvent the traditional agency model to create the new standard.
  • Product sense and commitment to simplicity: We see a large range of ideas and Product Managers should be able to quickly figure out the simplest way to turn those ideas into products, no matter what the industry or application.
  • Analytical skills: Designing high quality software can be logically complex, so the ideal candidates should be very strong conceptual and logical thinkers.
  • Time management and being task-oriented: We work with lots of clients at once and always stick to our deadlines, so the ideal candidates should be highly organized and diligent.
  • Enjoy intellectual & creative challenges: Finding the right technical solution to a human need is both an art and a science, and those who enjoy solving complex problems tend to be best suited for this role.

Nice to have but not obligatory

  • API REST knowledge and integrations
  • Javascript knowledge and capability to build plugins

Hi There! I noted your posting on the Bubble Forum and wondering if this opportunity may still be open? Please let me know, thanks Regards Mark