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OpenAI API Error - HTTP 400


I have managed to connect successfully with OpenAI API and managed to post a prompt. However, starting with today, without me making any changes, I am getting this error which I have no idea how to fix. I’ve tried rewriting the API call, validated the JSON script, tested each dynamic variable of the script, change6my secret key, etc… nothing worked,
Is there any change in the API connector or on OpenAI side?

*** says
The service OpenAl - OpenAl Gift Idea just
returned an error (HTTP 400). Please consult
their documentation to ensure your call is setup
properly. Raw error:
"message" "We could not
parse the JSON body of your request. (HINT:
This likely means you aren't using your
HTTP library correctly. The OpenAl API expects a
JSON payload, but what was sent was not valid
JSON. If you have trouble figuring out how to fix
this, please contact us through our help center at"
"param": null,

Give this a try. Do a find and replace for quotes and replace them with \" so it doesn’t break the JSON.

I have been working with Jason @J805 @nocodeminute a ton on this stuff so if you need additional help, he’s 100% your guy.