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Operation on Hours/Minutes

Hi Everyone,

I have created an app to manage an aeroclub flight registry.

After each flight, user enters the flight time based on the engine Hour Meter. (Which is the total flight time of the engine).

What I need is to have the flight time calculated based on two Hour Meter inputs:

For instance:

Input 1-> Before the Flight the hour meter shows: 1450 Hours 20 Minutes
Input 2-> After the Flight the hour meter shows: 1451 Hours 10 Minutes

Output-> Flight Time = 0 Hours 50 Minutes

I find it difficult to do such calculations on Hours and Minutes in Bubble…

Many thanks for the assistance,


post your editor link mate i will sort it out for you.

Thanks Jarrad (I like your profile picture btw…)

The textboxes are in french but I tried to depict what I try to achieve below:

1 - Input 1
2 - Input 2
3 - Output

Ref the Output, I am not sure which format will then be more convenient to use for accounting and reporting.
Either “hh:mm” or most likely “hh in decimals of minutes”.

What do you think ?

There my editor link (I think).

The app is protected with password which I just sent to you let me know if you manage to go in.

Thx again

Hi @karacrystal i dont think your app is set to anyone can edit as i cannot get into it. sorry for the late reply also i have been down with the flu.

Hi @jarrad, sorry to hear for the flu. Hope you feel better !

I have openned completely my app so you should be able to get in now.
Thanks again for your help, I am a bit blocked there.

Also something I missed to mention but ideally we should be able to take the flight time for a flight and derive the amount to pay:
E.g: 1h30min =>
90min * 2 $ per min = 180 $

before i change anything can i ask is there a reason that your not using the date time picker?

Hi Jarrad,

Pilots will derive the flight time (actually the blok time) via the Engine Hora meter.


1450 | 20 (Engine has 1450 hours and 20 minutes before the flight)
1451 | 10 (Engine has 1451 hours and 10 minutes after the flight)

So in that case the derived Bloc time is 50 minutes. this is the output I want.

I could however make them enter both the Horameter AND the flight time but 1 times out of 4 they will do mistakes and the two wont be equal…

I hope i’m clear enough.

In anyt case I am now working on a copy of the app I shared with you so feel free to do as you think its best,

i see, sorry i forgot the issue isnt depart/arrive but a difference in engine time. im working on it now.

ok login to the editor. its done :slight_smile:

look at both the input temps bloc-bloc condition & the fee input condition.

Hi @jarrad,

That’s brilliant thanks ! (Although I am a bit pissed at myself not to have managed on my own…)

Thanks a lot (until next time :wink: )

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anytime! flick me a link when its done! always keen on anything aviation :slight_smile:

Then we are 2 :wink:

I’ll do that

is the app for a company doing flights for customers? who puts the details in?

It is for a private flying club.
Members (pilots) will enter their own flights.

So I have planned several users roles with accesses to different entities:

  • Members
  • Instructors
  • Board member in charge of accounting

And Several Main Modules:

  • Pilote Information (Licences, Medical expiry etc)
  • Post Flight registry (through the form you just help me with)
  • Accounting (Flight registry)
  • Aircraft Management (Numbers of hours before due maintenance, etc).
  • Time Slot Booking (if possible because the Calendar plug in doesn’t really fit. But I didn’t had time to dig into so far).

Good stuff, are you having the plane’s rego entered or drop-down selected anywhere? as that would assign a log of events to that aircraft if a log was then needed also would give you the flexibility of attaching MR values/issues and more importantly you could create warning’s/reminders of approaching spar life and so on…

Yes I have a dropdown with the aircrafts regs but didn’t think of the log of events…
I have a general comment box but it might be good to make it more specific.

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