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Optimizing and reducing javascript

Is there really a need for this heavy amount of old JQuery code that is loaded. or is JQuery used for UX interactions in the client code?

I get a page speed of between 7 -10 for mobile. I have removed almost every plugin and has only one post in the database. This is indeed ridiculous.

The code is not bundled, minimized or compressed enough according to Google Site Speed.

I have managed to get 100/100 from Site Speed on my own React projects (total server cost 14 USD/month including Cloudflare) but that involved a bit of digging in both client and server code, which I don’t have access to… :frowning:

Don’t suggest that I should upgrade from personal to professional plan and pay more, because it would be a silly answer. The bubble code is inefficient and badly optimized.

I also see that bubble uses Cloudflare, but the question is if it is correctly configured.

I haven’t bothered with testing my app with GMetrix.

Bump. I’m also looking for more information on this

I am curious on this one too. Maybe someone can shed some more light on this.

Anyone found a solution to this?

Hi @g111,

Thanks for raising this. I face a similar challenge and the loading times are making me consider a alternative ( 7-10 seconds for page load is way too much).

I use PageSpeed Insights too and it shows many things to be optimized from side.

Would be very handy any sort of response from the Support Team.

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