Option set and attribute list of texts

Hi with an idea here…

Speaking of Option sets, attribute; and if there is a list of texts


Not sure if when you want to add a text in the list to be first, you need to delete all to add the new text to be first, then re-add others in order.

If possible to have a new featrue option to move the texts on the list up and down?

Not sure if when you delete texts on the list, and they are in the database, if will be deleted when we delete from the Option sets, or we are fine as much as we have same texts on the list when publishing to the live?

UPDATED: Or to beeing able to edit each individual text? Although not sure if each text has ID and if possible in the back-end.

Not an option to move them by position. However, can still use the sort features I believe, which is likely just limited to sorting alphabetically, so definitely doesn’t cover all use cases or needs for such a feature.

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You mean the Idea thread category? (Here)

No I mean the Ideaboard


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What? There is another Idea"board"? :smiley: I’ve been posting all ideas here in this category :smiley:

Btw. can’t find it still when clicked on the link…

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Oh, thanks Paritosh! Nice to see you here :smiley:

I was logged in, and now I can see, the link is not valid, all good now.

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Yeah, I don’t know why Bubble’s links don’t work…the one posted is the ideaboard link as copied from the URL browser, but when I clicked the link shared in the post too, it just went to Bubble homepage.

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@boston85719 I think that’s because if you are logged out of your bubble account, there is a redirect on the ideaboard page to take you to bubble home page. So, when you paste the link, the crawler bot that tries to show the preview of that page here on the forum, is logged out and hence the preview is just the Home page link. If we try and not show the preview (include quotes, extra spaces, etc), I think the link would be posted correctly, but that is sometimes a bit tricky.